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Mind Medication

Big Thinking. Bold Ideas. Breaking Boundaries.


Did you know that Britons spend on average 11 hours a week putting things off?

This amounts to 24 days of procrastination a year.*

Mind Medication is a fusion of Neuroscience-Psychology and Spirituality based mindset coaching and speaker service that will help you to uncover your why; unlock potential; and free limiting beliefs to achieve the impossible.

The Book On Mind Training: The Secret for Positive Living - Available for Preorder Now!


Breaking News! The Book On Mind Training: The Secret for Positive Living - is now available for pre-order!

My new book The Book on Mind Training: The Secret for Positive Living is now available for pre-order today! To find out more, click on the button below.

Hello, my name is Aden Eyob

I am the Clinical Neuroscientist and the author of the upcoming book ‘Mind Training: The Secret For Positive Living.’ 

It wasn’t always like this. From the age of 6 I had big dreams. Dreams to build my own mental health hospital. Dreams to free my family from poverty. However, all I heard was No. Everyone told me it was impossible but I held a flicker of hope. I then had an epiphany to find my way to my why.

Mindset Coaching

With Mind Medication Coaching, I will help you to get into the drivers seat of your mind, put the correct gears in motion and set and reach your goals faster.

Speaker Service

Professional speaker offerings in areas of achievement psychology, strategy, motivation and mental health.

Do you want to eliminate procrastination?

Do you want to take control of your thoughts, beliefs and life purpose?

Do you want a winner's mindset?

If you answered Yes to any of the above or want to explore the concepts further then you need the C.A.L.M Mindset System©!

Client Praise

Here is what my clients have to say about Mind Medication:

Workshop Audience Member

CALM Mindset Workshop Client
Aden made me realise how important it is to plan ahead and focus on my goals. She explained everything effectively and her presentation was very clear and easy to follow.

Woman To Woman Ethiopia (WWE)

CALM Mindset Workshop Client
Taking part Aden’s workshop was a very insightful and positive experience. It was an interactive workshop on The C.A.L.M Mindset System ©, designed to unlock the inner divine gifts and bring them to fruition.

Shola Kaye MSc

Speaker Service Client
"She spoke engagingly and interspersed her presentation with personal examples, providing the audience with plenty of context."

Yoseph Kifle-Giorgis

Mindset Coaching Service Client
"I must admit I have been more productive and action orientated since I started using your time block techniques to plan out my day"

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