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Client Praise

Part of the law of life is love. Giving and receiving praise allows for the abundance of the universe to flow. Hear what my clients have to say about their transformative journey with Mind Medication.

Christine Irvin, Founder, Holistic Nutrition

Mindset Coaching Service Client
April 20, 2022

Aden is compassionate, intelligent, kind, and a joy to work with. I was going through a moment of doubt and was overwhelmed on my journey as a solo entrepreneur, and with Aden’s guidance, I was able to shift my mindset and renew my self-confidence. I highly recommend Aden to anyone who needs some extra support and motivation to achieve their goals

Glyn Milburn, Snr Director of Government Affairs, Ygrene Energy Fund

Mindset Consulting Service Client
February 8, 2022

Mind Medication has been a game-changer for me! After going through a life plateau for several years, I found
myself at an impasse with joy in my professional and personal life. The consultations with Aden at Mind Medication
were instrumental in helping me clarify goals, establish command over my calendar, and clear out habits that were
stifling my progress. Over the past year, the program has enabled me to redirect my focus, face my fears, and
achieve many victories and fulfillment in my work and home life. I am forever grateful to Mind Medication and highly
recommend them to anyone in need.

Dr. Ermias Kebede, Business Case & Policy Lead, Department for Transport UK

Mindset Consulting Service Client
February 6, 2021

After probably five years of a challenging journey, I had lost my positivity and optimism, making decisions riddled with self-doubt and arriving at a crossroads in my life. I needed the tools and processes to create a more positive state of mind and be confident in the life-changing decisions I was about to make. Aden supported me in this journey for over three months as I transitioned my life from the UK to Ethiopia on a permanent move. She provided me with tools, techniques, and methods to think more positively. This is amid lockdown and the coronavirus pandemic in the UK.
Aden also supported me in realising my life goals, what is important to me, and planning my career goals. She asked me key questions, helped me control my stress levels, and helped me in my transition - even discussing my approach to my salary negotiations with my prospective employers.

The most important part of Aden's service was understanding how my language can affect my state of mind—removing the negative and debilitating words and replacing them with positive, action-orientated words. Beyond this, I also benefited greatly from Aden's consultancy service on the practical needs for my transition from the UK to Ethiopia, from the Civil Service to Consulting, and from a comfortable living environment to one with fulfilling challenges.

I would highly recommend Aden and Mind Medication services - a value for money service, unlike other similar services I have received. Additionally, I was able to gain tools and techniques that I can apply throughout my life journey.

Pamela Jarrin, Founder, Bien Box

Mindset Coaching Service Client
November 24, 2020

Aden has been a wonderful help in my life, she has taught me how to calm my anxiety, organize myself, create routines and habits, change my mindset and vocabulary to a positive one, and introduced me to binaural beats which has been a great tool to stay focused. My calls with her are always so insightful and full of good energy. If it wasn't for her I would have given up because of my negative thoughts, Aden has helped to push me personally and professionally. Her constant reminder of how powerful my mind is has been eye-opening, thanks to her I am able to keep a positive attitude and mindset.

Workshop Audience Member

CALM Mindset Workshop Client
June 20, 2019

Aden made me realise how important it is to plan ahead and focus on my goals. She explained everything effectively and her presentation was very clear and easy to follow. Since I attended back in May 2019, I have been working on building my self-esteem, prioritising on what matters first, planning ahead and reflecting on my strength and weakness.

Her ideas were very inspiring and she encouraged me to work towards achieving my goals. Aden was down to earth and engaged with all the audience throughout the session. I am so lucky that I got to be a part of this workshop. Thank you and keep up your spectacular work.

Woman To Woman Ethiopia (WWE)

CALM Mindset Workshop Client
June 20, 2019

Taking part Aden’s Mind Medication workshop was a very insightful and positive experience. It was an interactive workshop on The C.A.L.M Mindset System ©, designed to unlock the inner divine gifts and bring them to fruition. As a group, this session taught us how to stay motivated and have a daily routine for a productive day.

The recommendations put forward by Aden were very practical and easy to incorporate into an already existing daily routine. Furthermore, the workshop helped us to understand ourselves in a diverse world and Aden had an amazing tool that helped us identify our personality type. We looked at different personality types and power habits for a mindful life. From this workshop, it was apparent that Aden knows what she is talking about and her method of delivery was interactive and allowed us to ask questions.

Overall, Aden is excellent and passionate about what she does in helping people be best prepared to achieve their goals and be more productive and understands each person as an individual. We enjoyed having her in our monthly meeting and look forward to having her again in the future for a refresher.

Shola Kaye MSc, Business Owner, Shola Kaye Ltd

Speaker Service Client
October 18, 2018

Recently I had the pleasure of attending a talk Aden gave on mindset and productivity. Her content was clearly laid out and well-researched. She spoke engagingly and interspersed her presentation with personal examples, providing the audience with plenty of context. There were definitely some items I could take home and apply to my life and I'm grateful to Aden for the knowledge and insight she provided.

Yoseph Kifle-Giorgis, Business Manager, Appt Corporation

Mindset Coaching Service Client
July 11, 2018

I must admit I have been more productive and action orientated since I started using your time block techniques to plan out my day a day before. I know it’s not a new concept and there are lots of apps out there that can do the same job, but what I found magical is the discipline we have to put ourselves through writing out our thoughts 💭 using pen and paper.  Since I have taken your advise of letting go of control, let things happen and  let God work through me, I have had few inspirational ideas 💡 which lead to inspired actions without fear and the results have been encouraging and I foresee there is more blessings to come my way. I have been writing down my gratitudes 🙏 everyday and the exercise has shed a light in how much I have been blessed in my life that I wasn’t aware of. I have also been meditating daily for 30min, which allowed me to be aware of my own thoughts 💭, kind of scare to realise in the process of meditation 🧘🏾‍♂️ that I am not my thoughts as I can envision my thought separate from myself, which raised the question in me, if I am not my thoughts then who am I? A topic of discussion may be for another day.

Harlan Kohll, Entrepreneur

Mindset Coaching Service Client
July 26, 2018

Aden is a great listener and has a wonderful presence, she is very empathetic and has a lot of experience in identifying any old beliefs that may be holding you back and challenging them. Over the course of a few sessions she helped me to determine a clear vision for where I want to be and how to achieve those goals. Highly recommended

Christiane Volkmann, Senior Clinical Trial Manager Associate, Gilead Sciences

Mindset Coaching Service Client
June 19, 2018

I am Christiane Volkmann and I have worked in Clinical Research for over 10 years. I love what I do, however the process of looking for jobs was never easy for me and at times, impacted my self-confidence. Aden’s coaching helped put my CV in a very good shape, made me realize my true value and boosted my confidence. She also gave me good tips and materials to go through the job interview process. Her positivism and energy was so contagious that I started viewing things in my life in a more positive and better perspective. With Aden’s coaching, I was able to get the job I really wanted and wished for :-)

Emilia Sandoiu, Author

Mindset Coaching Service Client
June 3, 2018

Hello, I am Emilia Sandoiu, a Sales Strategist, NLP Practitioner and the Author of the upcoming book “Your Future Starts Today.” For the past several years, I have been fascinated with discovering how people think and wanted to understand people’s actions. However, after seven years of great friendship, my best friend and I fell apart for reasons that could have been discussed and overcome. This issue was a burden for my heart and mind and wanted to identify how to address and overcome this problem. For many months I questioned and criticized myself for what I did wrong, or perhaps, didn’t do.

Fortunately, I met Aden, a beautiful soul and a nurturing nature that offered her time and patience to listen to my sad story and offer coaching in order to help me understand the problems and find a solution. I am grateful to her for giving me the strength to acknowledge the truth of the situation and for guidance on the self-discovery process. It takes a great heart and a strong mind “to shape” lonely hearts and confused minds. Since speaking with Aden, my outlook on life and the capacity to deal with the past has been greatly improved, THANK YOU ANGEL!