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Mind Training: The Secret For Positive Living

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

From the age of 6; I had big dreams. Dreams to be my own boss, dreamsto build my own mental health hospital. Dreams to free my family from socialinequality. However, all I heard was NO. It's impossible they echoed, but Iheld a flicker of hope. Now I'm the founder and CEO of Mind Medication Limited;a fusion of Neuroscience-Psychology based coaching and speaker service thatwill help you uncover your why; unlock potential; and free limiting beliefs toachieve the impossible. 

My book 'Mind Training: The Secret For Positive Living' is a journeythrough my life and how I overcame setbacks, pain, fear, helplessness toachieve the impossible through extensive hours of positive mind trainingtechniques. You too can employ my mind training systems to overcome fear andconvert your dreams into reality. After all, none but yourself can freeze orfree your mind. The question to ask yourself is if you want a winner's mindset?If YES, email me for coaching and speaker opportunities at

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