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The Book

Unlock a preview of my new book - The Book On Mind Training: The Secret for Positive Living - releasing later this year!

"From the age of 6; I had big dreams. Dreams to be my own boss, dreams to build my own mental health hospital. Dreams to free my family from poverty. However all I heard was NO. Everyone told me It was Impossible but I held a flicker of hope. I then had an epiphany to find my way to my why. My why was to shed light and love to your unheard voice, dream and aspiration. This in turn led me to establish Mind Medication Limited; a neuroscience-psychology based coaching and speaker service. However, the 30-year journey to uncovering my why; unlocking my potential; and freeing my limiting beliefs involved extensive hours of positive mind training.

This book will take you on  a journey through my life, how I overcame setbacks, pain, fear, helplessness to achieve the impossible. I learned limitations are false fear.  Fear has no room at the table of champions. You too can harness mind training tools to reach your higher self and let the abundance of the universe flow.

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